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Hi Everyone

I hope you all celebrated Independence day in the proper fashion. Fireworks, Beer and BBQ, in that order. I worked but, someone has to make sure people have fun and that’s what I do. It makes me feel like a hero in some ways, and sometimes I have a great imagination!! 🙂


On a serious note, this wonderful day marks the beginning of summer for most people. Sunshine and BBQ season, it just puts me in a good mood! Threatened by a few showers of course,  but alas, it was short-lived and everything went to plan or as nature intended it.

The annual NYC Fireworks display, as awe inspiring and powerful as ever, tends to make me reflect upon my time here and how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing country. If you can’t be patriotic on the 4th of July, when can you?


It doesn’t get any more patriotic than this! Finch’s “Wet Hot American Wheat Ale”. Finch’s Brewery is based in the “Windy City” of Chicago. They opened their doors in January 2011 and began shipping and distributing in June of that same year. The Finch family originally from Norfolk Virginia, Ben Finch headed off to Chicago in 1997 to attend The School of the Art Institute. Having graduated he moved on to become Managing Director of a Chicago graphic design and website development company. He began to develop a palate for craft beer, fueled by, no doubt, the likes of Chicago’s own Goose Island and Two Brothers Brewing. From here and his background at college involving sculpting, he turned his attention to “Sculpting” his very own beer. He reached out to a brewer he knew from his college days, (Richard Grant)  they came up with a plan, and the rest they say is history.


Available on draft with us or in their trending 4-pack pint can “Tall Boys”, “Wet Hot American Wheat” gets its name from the distinct brewing process Finch’s use. This involves a “Wet Mash” and hot initial fermentation. This beer both sounds and tastes sexy. Combining Centennial and Columbus hops with Malt white and Torrified wheat, it is indeed fireworks from the first sip. A hazy golden color and has a crisp, smooth hoppy finish. Almost finishes like a Pale Ale which I enjoyed a lot. The thirst is upon me now!


With hopefully a long hot summer ahead of us, theres no better way to cool down than a few of our 40 Craft Beers here at Ron Blacks Beer Hall. However, a man or a woman cannot live on beer alone, wouldn’t that be awesome though? You need to have a bite to eat to line the stomach so this week I have chosen our BBQ Grilled Cheese. With American and Cheddar cheese, topped with sweet and spicy caramelized onions, layered on golden, buttered Texas Toast and served with a side of our Hand cut fries. My mouth is watering as I type this. Joined in harmony with a Ron Blacks Beer Hall signature frosted pint glass of Finch’s Wet Hot American Wheat Ale, this is definitely a match made in America.


When I think of Finch’s Wet Hot American Wheat, only one famous celebrity springs to my mind.

As a kid growing up in the 80’s and the 90’s, WWF Wrestling was all we lived for. From “Summerslam” to “Wrestlemania” and “The Royal Rumble” to “Survivor Series”. I will forever be haunted by one Tuesday in Texas when the Undertaker almost ended an era.




I am of course talking about “The Real American ” Hulk Hogan. The sight of him waving the American Flag and facing the likes of characters from Iran like the Iron Sheik and Sargent Slaughter who supposedly supported Iraq during the Gulf war.




This was when I had my first glimpse of American Patriotism, all be it, through a fictional character, however he was my hero. We were silly as kids.

Hogan would say things like, “Eat your Vitamins” and “Say your prayers” which of course was ok with my wee Irish mammy who would say, “Prayer is everything”. I guess that is how we were allowed to watch grown men beat the heads off each other on live television. Even my Grandmother watched it with us, she used to say, “I hate that Hogan fella, he’s always pretending he’s hurt and then somehow comes back to life and wins”. She also had a nickname for him which I will not reveal, but if you ask me in private, I will. Them were the days.

In the words of Hulk Hogan’s entrance tune by Rick Derringer, “I am a real American, fight for the rights of every man”

I know you’re probably wondering how we ended up getting here, Who cares? Just go with it 🙂

Till next time,





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