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“Dia Duit Gach Duine”, Translated into English, “Hello Everyone”. The Irish language “Gaelic” was never my strong point at school but I do remember a few things. What better time of the year to show it off than St.Patrick’s Day? I hope everybody has an awesome day on Tuesday whether you are going to the […]


Hi Everybody, Finally, I am preparing a blog and it’s 50 Degrees, with not a snowflake in sight. Maybe the curse has been lifted! Spring is in the air and goodbye old Mr Winter. As the clocks push an hour forward, all I can think of is those long, bright summer evenings, drinking ice cold […]

DUTCH INNOVATION Hi everyone, I’m beginning to think this winter will never end! Week after week of storm’s are difficult to comprehend, after all it is March and that means its marching season! Spring is on the horizon and our annual salute to Saint Patrick, hence the White Plains St Patricks day parade which is […]