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Hi everyone,

It’s been a few weeks since I touched base with you all due to the fact we are gearing up for summer here at Ron Blacks Beer Hall and spare time has been something foreign to me until tonight.

As the sun shines upon our newly reopened sidewalk cafe, our recent winter, thankfully, has become a distant memory. The long bright evenings are back and its almost time to break out the cargo shorts again and show off my pale white legs. My Irish skin and the sun do not get along, first I burn lobster red, I then peel and finally revert back to white again. God bless the person who created SPF 75 sun tan lotion for kids and especially this big kid, a life saver!

The next couple of months will help me realize a little project of mine, some may say a little dream. We are creating our own little beer garden on Ron Blacks Beer Hall back patio. Complete with communal style tables made from refurbished old beer barrels, with the sunshine and forever flowing pitchers of our Forty Drafts, I think you might find me sitting out there on my days off sampling a few beverages (with permission from the boss man of course).

My little dream however, pales in comparison to who I am writing about this week.

Conor Horrigan, the man behind the creation of Half Full Brewery Connecticut, also had a dream.

Half Full Brewery Beer Dinner

After spending years working in Banking on Wall Street, which is a job that could surely drive you to drink, he decided to instead make the drink himself. He gave it all up in “Pursuit” of his “Dream”.

Based in Stamford Connecticut just off Route 95, Half Full Brewery opened it doors and tapped their first barrel in September 2012. A work in progress he states modestly.

I had the pleasure of meeting the man himself here at Ron Blacks as he accompanied his Sales Representative Ean on his weekly stops at prospected local watering holes.
They put on a nice display of tastings for their select beers, of course this is one of the things about my job that I really hate(sarcasm in its highest form of course). They certainly caught my attention but most of all, the beers they offered me were excellent especially as I hadn’t tasted their product before.
It was with this chance meeting of minds, we threw around a few ideas that could help us form a business understanding.

We decided a Beer Tasting dinner was the obvious way forward and it worked for both parties, three months later we are proud to announce our fast approaching Beer dinner which takes place here at Ron Blacks Beer Hall, on April 29th at 7pm. Tickets for this exciting event are available on our website at by clicking on “Events” or, you can purchase tickets in person here at Ron Blacks. Just ask for the manager or, the guy who writes the awesome blogs, if you really want to get my attention!!

Half Full Beer Dinner


My favorite of Half Full Brewery offerings is the “Pursuit IPA”, mainly because I am a Hop head and IPA’s touch a part of my soul no other beer can reach. At 7% this IPA has a kick, but for a stronger beer its surprisingly smooth and deceptively dangerous to drink. It pours a medium to dark amber with a smooth crisp taste rounded off by a light finish.

Almost more like a Pale ale as opposed to an IPA, however, you need to respect it.

Four or five of them and you will end up “Half Full” as they say where I come from.


Usually by this stage I pair this weeks beer choice with a Ron Blacks Beer Hall menu item.

This week however, I will leave it up to you to guess, or you can come by and see for yourself on Wednesday 29th April and let me know personally what you think!
While you are here, we will have four other offerings from Conor and his Brewery and a wonderful “One Time” Barrel brewed especially for Ron Blacks, this is not to be missed!

Meet the Brewmaster and ask him any question you have ever had about beer and have fun while you do it!

The brews on offer are paired with five carefully created food options, chosen by our very talented Chef, Joepy, oh, and I will be here too.

Get here early.

To purchase a ticket, visit our website, click on our Facebook page or you can purchase your ticket on the night.


If I were to compare “Half Full Pursuit IPA” to someone famous, I arrive at the name “Chuck Norris”


This 175 year old legend looks like he couldn’t beat snow off a rope, underestimate him however and he could turn you upside down and inside out and strangle you with his vast array of colored belts he has amassed the last two centuries!

Remember, Chuck Norris doesn’t do Push-ups, he pushes the earth down!!

Moral of the story, do not underestimate this “Pursuit”, because much like Chuck, its not to be toyed with.

Stay Crafty my friends

And please drink responsibly

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