Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping warm as we get battered repeatedly by blizzards and the odd Nor’Easter, I’m hoping for warmer weather on the horizon by at least the end of February, I guess It’s called Winter for a reason!

Having watched a hugely entertaining Superbowl two weeks ago, Craft beer drinkers aren’t happy with Budweiser and their sly commercial which made fun of craft beer!
What was a Clydesdale horse doing in a supermarket anyway??
Obviously its not an all out assault, but perhaps, a sign that Budweiser don’t have the lion share of the market they once had!

Seem’s a bit hypocritical, seeing as “Anheuser Busch” just completed the purchase of “Elysian Brewery”. They were the fastest growing Craft brewer in the nation’s capital with sales of 50,000 barrels last year! Someone at Budweiser is either scared or very smart!

Well that is everyone up to speed with happenings in the Brewing world, so i will move on to more pressing issues, like “This week’s beer pick”.

The first blog I wrote, a few weeks ago, was about supporting local brewers, so this week i am going with “Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold”. A golden Belgian style ale (brewed in our own backyard in Elmsford NY), with aroma’s of orange, Coriander spice and green grass. It has a clean malty flavor with a subdued bitterness playing in the background.

At 6.6% it’s got a kick as I found out personally. but the lovely blonde color of this offering, paints a nice summer picture which I’m sure everyone will agree, is something we could do with right now!!

Put it like this, There is no way, no Clydesdale gonna bully me into buying a Budweiser over this!!


For this week, I’m going with Ron Blacks Beer Hall “Mussels and Fries” accompanied by Liquid Gold. This dish is available with a choice of two sauces, smoked potato or bacon parmesan, Served with regular, truffle or garlic parmesan fries. The spice and citrus notes in the food are reflected in the flavors found in this tasty Liquid Gold. You are a born-faced liar if you say this comparison hasn’t made you thirsty and hungry, I certainly am!


When I see Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold I picture the pop star, Ellie Goulding. Her beautiful blonde locks and her rather spicy outfits on stage, surprisingly enough, to any of my readers, I have actually seen her in concert. She too is full of exuberance, life and sunshine! I had the unfortunate slip of the tongue at the concert with my beautiful girlfriend as i proceeded to blurt out “ Boy does she take her vitamins” As you can imagine, I haven’t lived that one down yet and I’m sure it will be a long time, if ever haha. TRUE STORY!!


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