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Starting a blog was never really something I thought about until I started working at Ron Blacks Beer Hall. But here I am. It’s very interesting to write about something, every person I know has a passion for – and thats beer. Having said that I too have that passion and with forty beers on tap, it is tough to pick a favorite.

photo-3Ron Blacks Beer Hall gives you the ultimate experience when it comes to craft beer and food.Whether you enjoy a powerful IPA or a lighter alternative, we have an eclectic collection that is sure to excite the toughest of taste buds.

Having an affiliation with a local Brewery is something I find extremely important. Ron Blacks Beer Hall has formed a partnership


with our local, Elmsford based, brewing company – Captain Lawrence. It’s provides us with an opportunity to see where our beer comes form and do so through the eyes of a brewmaster: what to look for in a beer, it’s characteristics and exactly what gives it that special something that separates it from its competitors.

On my first ever trip to their brewery I was accompanied by the owner Declan and one of our bartenders Colum. We started of with Captain Lawrence’s light but tasty Kölsch and ended up with a 10% winter porter which I showed little respect for as I gulped it down. Needless to say I will be a lot more careful with that particular one on my next visit.

We proudly wear their logo on our staff uniforms which displays our connection and it is also a show of support towards a local business. At any given time we have 4-5 taps featuring their products, from Captain Lawrence Captain’s Reserve Double IPA to Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold.  We also carry their amazing seasonal’s, they have a wonderful selection to choose from and honestly I think some of the finest I have tasted.


With the Craft beer boom happening all over New York and across the United States especially in the last five or more years, people’s palates long for that hoppy taste and extra strength options such as Dogfish Head 90 Minute – at 9% a double IPA that certainly packs a punch! Nowadays  craft beers include many new and innovative styles such as sour beer, wheat beer, double bock and many more which constantly keeps looking for the best items. Breweries are popping up everywhere and the selection of new and different types of beer is mind boggling. I say, give the people what they want and long may it continue!


So we shall begin. I am starting off in alphabetical order with:

“Abita Purple Haze”

A Wheat beer slightly fruity and tartly sweet! Oh the ladies do love this one.

Up until recently I would have had a few of these myself on occasion as it’s on the lighter side and goes down easy. At 4.2% and that smoothness its definitely a session beer; meaning you could drink quite a few and feel fine. But as a wise, old man once said: ‘You drink enough of any beer it will get you drunk”.

Abita Purple Haze has a distinct raspberry after taste which fits perfectly with our Harvest Salad.

Harvest Salad

With ingredients ranging from cranberries to avocado and sweetened walnuts to our in-house made raspberry vinaigrette  dressing. Everything about this dish is complimented by this particular beer. A match made in heaven.


In closing. Each week I will end my blog, comparing one of our draughts with a Hollywood actor or a famous artist. So here goes…

When i think of and taste Abita Purple Haze, I picture Taylor Swift. You can just imagine her on her bike with a little basket in the front, riding through Central Park on a summer’s day. Her blonde locks waving in the breeze and humming one of her famous songs in anticipation of her upcoming picnic on a patch of grass. The sun is shining and everything is perfect in the world. However, stay out in the sunshine too long, she gets sunburn or sunstroke and gets cranky. Then she starts writing songs about being a crazy chick. Much like Abita Purple Haze and weaker session beers in her own words “ I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream”. Moral of the story.  “Everything in moderation”

Please drink responsibly and happy New Year.


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