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A Real American

Hi Everyone I hope you all celebrated Independence day in the proper fashion. Fireworks, Beer and BBQ, in that order. I worked but, someone has to make sure people have fun and that’s what I do. It makes me feel like a hero in some ways, and sometimes I have a great imagination!! 🙂 On […]


  Hi folks, Again as I write this, “Its snowing”. The only good I can take from it is, snow days = beer days. As they say where I come from, “That’s a day for the High Stool” (bar stool).   As I cast my eye over our “Rotating 40 Drafts”, on the high stool […]

Support local Breweries

Starting a blog was never really something I thought about until I started working at Ron Blacks Beer Hall. But here I am. It’s very interesting to write about something, every person I know has a passion for – and thats beer. Having said that I too have that passion and with forty beers on tap, it […]